Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Mama is Reading - Teaching from Rest

If you are a homeschooling mama, get this book.

Strike that. If you are a mama, get it! It's that good. 

This is my first year homeschooling. I only have a kindergartener in school, and I still get overwhelmed. Seriously overwhelmed. The curriculum choices, philosophies, theories, methods, and tools that are available as soon as I hit "enter" in my Google search bar. Thousands upon thousands of choices. My battleground in homeschooling is my own doubt. Am I doing enough? Is this the right curriculum choice? How is she doing compared to her peers? What is her reading level? Her comprehension level? 

All that worry is exhausting.

What is important in my homeschool is that I am schooling in align with God's will. I am teaching my daughter to love God. When we do math, I am pointing her to the God who ordered the stars and created the amazing mathematical patterns that order our universe. When we read, I am pointing her to the Author of Life. The Creative Master that made each snowflake is unveiled in our study of science. The end result may be the same if we use Saxon Math or if we use Singapore. It may not be. But, what is important is that from day to day, I am not spinning my wheels again and again looking up curriculum, doing a "quick" online search to see how other homeschool families order their days, or wasting my mental energy worrying.

What matters is that we seek to imitate Christ. That we order our loves so that our hearts better reflect His. Many days, checklists will go untouched, books will go unread, and ducks will not line up in a row, no matter how much we strive.
                                Sarah Mackenzie 

But what matters is that I seek to imitate Christ, and as my children's mother and teacher, they find something in what I do or say; something in who I am that is "worthy of imitation."

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